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Posted: Precision Date: November 5, 2017

One-stop Food Retailer for International Cuisine, Atlas World Fresh Market, Coming Soon


One-stop Food Retailer for International Cuisine, Atlas World Fresh Market, Coming Soon to Poway, California

(Poway, CA, November 3, 2017) – Those who love to discover international cuisine and shop at global grocery stores can discover a new experience soon.  Atlas World Fresh Market, the one-stop shop for global groceries, specialty items, halal meat, kosher, vegan and organic food, as well as hot cuisine will be opening its doors soon.  Located near Target in Poway, California, Atlas World Fresh Market is not only a diverse grocery retailer, but will also host a food hall offering a global menu.

The grocery store, butcher shop and food hall will serve virtually every requirement of today’s consumers within the spacious 46,000 square foot location.  Nearly a third of the store will be devoted to fresh produce like fruits, vegetables, exotic fruits, conventional groceries and organics. There store will provide a large assortment in a self-service manner, such as dry fruits, beans, flours and a variety of grains.  Guests will be able to select from Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, European, Asian, Italian, German, Russian, continental, organic, gluten free, kosher, halal, vegan and a variety of other food selections.  The butcher shop will serve halal meat and a large assortment of seafood and frozen items in the deli section, which will offer European cheeses and meats as well.

“Atlas World Fresh Market is designed with you, our guest, front and center.  The initial goal was to bring international cuisine, specialty grocery items, fresh produce, meats, and cooking options together in one place to offer the culturally-diverse residents of San Diego a way to recreate tastes of home,” said a spokesperson from Atlas World Fresh Market.

The store has now gone beyond the initial goal to include regional varieties and become a one-stop food retailer not only in San Diego, but also in other regions via the online store.  

Another attraction for visitors will be the food hall, which will include Persian, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean cuisine, as well as breakfast and sandwich items, sushi and Ramen noodles, Nutela bar, coffee and Italian gelato.  The store will also feature a pharmacy, florist and other service-oriented amenities.

“Our diverse food vendors will offer in-store, lunch, catering and online options for the many communities that surround our store, cementing our role as a convenient food option for individuals, families, students, professionals and businesses.“ said the spokesperson.

For more information, please visit:    www.atlasmarket.com


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  1. 2 years ago



    What happen to your weekly ads being mailed? Your weekly ad online doe not show any of your produce specials.

    1. 2 years ago

      Hadi Zonouzi


      To our valued customers who look for our Weekly Ads :
      We are working hard to reorganize Atlas Market to meet our goals and %100 customer satisfaction. We highly appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.
      We’ll start distributing our Ads as soon as we’re done with the reorganizing process.

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